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Israel tourism showed constant growth in the summers

This summer, huge number of visitors flocked to Israel, a major leap that helped the country to earn billions of dollars into the Israeli economy in 2017 so far.   In August 2017, over 253,800... … [Read more...]

China tourism going steady with increased tourism spending

China provides a good example of how a country can develop a healthy tourism industry.   To quote Dr. Taleb Rifai, secretary-general of the UNWTO, “China is one of the best examples of how... … [Read more...]

Tourism growth based on OIC agenda

On Tuesday, the Council Development and Infrastructure Committee of Orkney Islands is thinking on a report in terms of constant growth of the tourism sector in the county.   The report talks... … [Read more...]

Hurricane Irma strikes Cuban tourism badly

Hurricane Irma has caused damages bigger than any in Cubans’ living memory, with hundreds of miles of coastal areas flooded, chest-high seawater in Havana’s streets and millions of people left... … [Read more...]

Amsterdam planning to increase tourist tax

Amsterdam is planning to increase tourist taxes by as much as €10 a night, as the authorities attempt to limit stag weekends and visitors to the red-light district.   About 17 million people... … [Read more...]

Palestinian Authority aims to join the UNWTO

A request filed by the Palestinian Authority last year for joining the UNWTO is slated to come to a vote this week at the body’s summit in Chengdu, China. For gaining acceptance, it needs approval... … [Read more...]

Youth involvement in tourism promises more opportunities

The patron of the Zimbabwe youth in tourism Mrs. Auxilia Mnangagwa said that the African governments should make use of tourism as an important tool for transforming their economies.   Mr.... … [Read more...]

Costa Rica will be hosting International Conference on Sustainable Tourism

Costa Rica will host the 6th edition of the International Conference on Sustainable Tourism Planet, People, Peace, which is the most important event to be celebrated in this country.   The main... … [Read more...]

Paula Bennett, Tourism Minister of NZ considers tourism tax to be unnecessary

Paula Bennett, Tourism Minister explains that a tourist tax is withdrawn and councils need to show up with new projects before urging for more funding.   However the mayor of one of the key... … [Read more...]

Ghana’s tourism industry is expected to grow in 2017

The hospitality sector in Africa’s emerging markets is aiming to profit from foreign investment and influx of foreign travellers.   Hospitality & Gaming Industry leader for PwC Southern... … [Read more...]

President & CEO of WTTC predicts decisive time for travel and tourism

Gloria Guevara Manzo, the new President and CEO of the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) said that it’s a critical time for travel and tourism.   To quote Manzo, “At the WTTC we continue... … [Read more...]

Five great journeys inspire Australians to tour the South Island

A $1 million campaign kicks off today to get more Australians touring the South Island in autumn.   The Tourism New Zealand-led campaign is being run in partnership with Christchurch Airport,... … [Read more...]

Beach tourism in Caribbean Islands destroyed for Irma

HurricaneAbout 100% of the sea beaches of Caribbean Islands are destroyed as Hurricane severely ripped with a storm winds around 160 kmph.       The white pristine sandy sea beaches... … [Read more...]

Thousands of tourists stranded in Cuba after Irma

It is the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, which hit Cuba with 160mph winds and it is referred as the deadly storm, thousands of Cuban residents and the tourists are stranded, swimming the flooded... … [Read more...]