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The Butterfly World – Tadoba Andhari Tiger Project’s new dimension!

Across five acres of land, the newly-inaugurated Butterfly World at Agarzari village on Chandrapur-Moharli Road, Maharashtra in the buffer of Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) is fast turning out... … [Read more...]

FITUR 2018 highlights the importance of health tourism

This year, FITUR, the international tourism fair in Madrid, Spain has broken its historic record with 251,000 visitors, which is 2.5% more than last year.   10,000 companies from 165 countries... … [Read more...]

Tourism cooperation ties boosted between Qatar and Turkey

Qatari business leaders and the visiting members of a Turkish delegation headed by president of the Middle East Tourism and Travel Agencies Association (OTSAD) Hussain Arif held a meeting at Qatar... … [Read more...]

Rodrigo Duterte urges government officials to safeguard the main attractions of PHL

President Duterte’s warning to shut down Boracay has been a “wake-up call” to all officials of the government in order to safeguard the tourist destinations of the country, Presidential Spokesman... … [Read more...]

Horror smash in Christchurch kills two British tourists

Two British tourists who were aged in their 60’s might have run through a red light at the junction of Blakes Road and Shands Road that are based in the region of Prebbleton.   Unfortunately,... … [Read more...]

UAE tourism to generate over 77,400 new jobs by 2026

Around 77,400 new jobs will be created in travel and tourism industry across the UAE, in general. It signifies the number of people associated in the travel and tourism sector will grow from 317,300... … [Read more...]

Yorkshire is celebrating the Chinese New Year

Yorkshire is celebrating the Chinese New Year today after witnessing a large increase in the number of Chinese visitors to the county.   As per Visit Britain, in 2016, almost 20,000 visitors... … [Read more...]

Nicaragua Tourism Board (INTUR) launches a new comprehensive tourism campaign

The Nicaragua Tourism Board (INTUR) has launched a new comprehensive tourism campaign for promoting the country’s unspoiled nature, vibrant cultural traditions, and its genuinely friendly... … [Read more...]

Caribbean able to reach 30 million visitor mark for the first time in 2017

Last year, the Caribbean was able to reach the 30 million visitor mark for the first time, and the travel agents sure deserve a credit for that.   Although the Caribbean experienced two major... … [Read more...]

Mexico medical tourism is experiencing higher growth

Recently the medical tourism sector has experienced a constant growth, particularly in Mexico. This huge arrival of travelers looking for medical care wants to get world class medical attention from... … [Read more...]

Gary Voy believes that ‘over tourism’ is an opportunity, not a crisis

Of late, Scotland has started receiving greater number of visitors, in no small part to what’s been occurring to the exchange rate. Powerful foreign currency and a weaker rate of sterling have helped... … [Read more...]

Dubai Tourism gets propelled by the launch of the new UAE Visa policy

Alterations in the visa regulations of UAE providing visa on arrival for the Russian visitors in 2017 drove Dubai World Central’s, DWC, traffic to over 900,000 passengers, as per the report of... … [Read more...]

Year of the Dingo heralds new age of Chinese-Australian tourism

As Australia enters a new golden age of tourism underpinned by the staggering rise in the number of Chinese visitors to our shores, the dawn of the new Lunar Year today looks set to provide a... … [Read more...]

The South African Tourism Roadshow starts in India

This year in India, South African Tourism begins with the 15th edition of its travel trade plan. The Roadshow of the South African Tourism will cover five Indian metro cities; Mumbai, Kolkata,... … [Read more...]