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Kenya expects tourism to get better if peace is maintained

International tourist bookings to Kenya slowed down after the disputed August 8 presidential election results and the repeat poll on October 26.   Kenya Tourism Federation (KTF) chairman Mohamed... … [Read more...]

Tourism remains one of the mainstays for the Kenyan economy

Tourism remains one of the chief components of the Kenyan economy. However, tourism’s performance has been, for a long time, adversely affected by international and home-grown terrorism and high... … [Read more...]

Kenya’s international tourism shows resilience in first half of 2017

International tourists have grown by six per cent to 598 million all around the globe in the first six months of this year, which is the strongest since the last seven years.     The latest... … [Read more...]

Historical Sites you must Visit in Kenya

History-rich, Magnificent and Wowing Places From being the origin of the former U.S. President (Barrack Obama), the home and burial ground of the Scouting Founder (Baden Powell), the home of Blessed Irene Stefani ‘Nyaatha’, and home to one of the … [Read more...]

For Kenya, tourism industry ensures one of the major sources of income

For many developing countries of the world, tourism is one of the main income sources. For Kenya, one of Africa’s leading tourism destinations, the tourism industry is the country’s second largest... … [Read more...]